Sunday, February 2, 2014

Small Format Art - (SFA) - Landscape- (Sold)- Tree Painting titled, "Standing Alone "

Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 6 x 8 minature painting titled, "Standing Alone." I've been a tree hugger since I was a child, I use to climb live oaks close to where I lived, I learned early that trees were my friends, shading me from the summer sun, providing a place for me to go, a place to look up at the clouds and day dream, thinking about what I might become when I grew up. So naturally painting trees is one of my favorite subjects. Hope you like this one...I do! Artist Note: This past week I re-work this piece, I'm not much of a carpenter but I went to the local Home Depot down the road & measured, then hand cut the wood needed to frame this canvas panel. I secured the panel unto the wood with some small finishing nails I bought, then counter sunk them. I borrowed some molding paste from a friend and covered the holes to make them smooth. Then touched up the painting with acrylic. Not flawlessly perfect mind you ... but a cool little piece of folk landscape art. It would make for nice eye candy for someone's office. It could be hung on a wall. A great gift for any art hound out there interested in something different. Something uniquely Folk & Original. Perhaps just maybe for a little while, this painting could take you to a place inside my head & there you will find what motivated me to paint this piece. It is there you will also find my heart. "Standing Alone" is available for sale...and is currently on exhibit at the Rebels Center Gallery. You can buy this for just $95.00. Free local pickup, but shipping charges of $12.00 applicable for the lower 48 states. Expedited shipping in one business day USPS. Give the gift of art & help make a difference in someones life. Healing through Art Therapy is a proven diagnostic tool that has help make a positive change in many people lives including my own. Thank you for your support of a self-representing independent artist. This will be good for me, good for you & good for America! LIMITED EDITION ACEO FINE ART PRINTS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST FOR $7.50, free Shipping (US ONLY).
Small Format Art - (SFA) - La

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