Friday, December 2, 2016

Nova Southeastern University Annual Art Expo 2016

Finally got around to uploading a few recent pics. These photos are of me, my son Frank & his wife Elizabeth. Frank is also a painter, paints cars doing custom high-end paint jobs and is in high demand, he is also an artist, drawing and designing many tattoos which he wears on both arms and chest...each tattoo is special, all tell his story and are awesome.
Here my Grand-daughter Sara Jade wearing her Cat Face, also a gifted artist herself. She creates these awesome whimsical cat paintings using sharpies, colored pencils, and acrylic paints. She sells them from my eBay store under Sara Jade Creations. Sara has sold out all of her originals, her "Meow Series." currently selling Limited Edition prints of her little Meows on eBay and also sells from my Etsy Stop. She has built up quite a following and many fans for her work. Just google eBay metaflick629 and it should take you right to Brushworks by Monte Studios. Please check them out, for sure will put a smile on your face and make great gifts for your kids this Holiday Season. Wanna see your kids eyes light them one of SARA JADES little Meows. Sometimes some of the best presents for kids are simple ones. All priced very affordably from $3.75 - $7.50 plus shipping!
Here's are few pics of me setting up for the Annual Nova University Art Expo with two of my five paintings on exhibit. I've had the privilege of participating at this venue for the past five years. Was named Artist of the year in 2014 and was allocated an entire wall for displaying over 20 paintings. Also pictured are few painting buddies and fellow artist who assisted in setting up with me at the Don Taft Building at the University before opening night. Will be posting more pics from the opening night when time permits. Enjoy...and thanks for looking!

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