Thursday, March 24, 2016

Potted Flowers on Back Porch- Acrylic on Canvas- 24 x 30- Huge Wall Art

Acrylic on Canvas., 24 x 30 - Huge Wall Art, Perfect as a center piece for your home or office. A cool painting with warm colors to add to your Fine Art Collection. Also a nice gift for a Floral loving friend or family member! Enough said on my shameless promotion of this work. I primarily paint with acrylics because I like instant gratification and the ability to knock out a painting in one session. As with my landscapes I work fast and loose, laying in basic shapes, blocking in colors and try not to worry to much about creating a perfect painting, there are no perfect paintings in my mind, just impressions and the illusion of reality mixed in with and fueled by a passion to create. To capture the moment in time as I see it, feel it and to hell with all the stuff they teach in art school. I am still pleased with the end result. Price: $395.00 - Thanks for looking!

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