Thursday, November 14, 2013

Triptych - Large Canvas Wall Art- 16 x 60 - Abstract Surreal Landscape - Untitled

This painting was my first triptych attempt, recently touched up & resurrected. It is huge, 3 - 16 x 20 Canvas Panels ( total 16 x 60 ). I photographed it on my bedroom wall, the lighting wasn't so good. Each 16 x 20 Canvas is able to stand alone as an individual painting, that was the goal. A landscape painted in an abstract surreal impressionist style. Hope you like it...I do! This painting currently on exhibit at the Circle of Friends Gallery in North Ft. Lauderdale. This photo doesn't really do this painting justice. It is large and visually powerful leading the viewer in for a closer look. It should be titled but just haven't been able to think of one yet. Artist Note: This painting is available for sale, please contact me or email for more information. Price: $395.00 - Shipping US- $55.00 (US only)

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