Thursday, March 24, 2016

Monte's Hill

Acrylic on Masonite Board, 16 x 20, with self-constructed wood frame. There are many mountains we must climb on the road of adversity in this life, this painting for me represented one of those Hills I was trying to work through at the time. I was being treated for Depression. Artist Note: I finally reached the top of the Hill & conquered what I thought to be impossible, by the Grace of God. It is titled Monte's Hill. This is a nocturnal painting, an imagined landscape done in a surreal impressionistic style. I photographed it from several angles and tried to include a close up. It is a palette knife painting with heavy impasto like texture through out.The Hill for me is a symbolic representation of the mountain I've had to climb in my own personal recovery from depression. Art is one of the theraputic tools I use to help keep me in balance. Monte's Hill is available for sale. PRICE: $350.00 & Expedited USPS Shipping $27.50 anywhere in the continental United States. Note: Free local pick up! Artist Note: The room with the view image is for a Limited Edition Fine Art Print -16 x 20, with 2" wide Black Frame as pictured above if you prefer this kind of format is priced at $207.48. This painting ships world-wide, international buyers please contact this artist/seller for price quote for shipping cost to your country location. Thanks for looking!

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