Thursday, February 25, 2010

Is Blogging Dead?

Recently, I received a response/critique regarding my Blog site, the viewer advised that more narrative would likely be appreciated by readers on what inspired a given piece of work.

I'm grateful for this readers input and I have to concede, it was not only good advice but also right on target with what an art blog should be all about. My initial purpose for blogging was to share my journey as an artist with others & showcase my work & hopefully in the process make a few bucks with some sales. I've only attempted one prior blog post and still don't know how to add all the bells & whistles, but I do know how to speak from my heart. Going forward I hope to learn how to make this blog a place where like minded people will want to come and visit & exchange ideas. Having said that, I still don't know what Twitter is, I don't have a Facebook/My Space account or know how pay pal works. Someone recently advised I needed all those things connected together and come back to my main page. Perhaps this is true? We shall see. I heard someone say the other day, "blogging is dead", I don't know what he meant by this! Do you?

Yeah, I guess I'm a bit of a dinasaur when it comes to computer stuff, never been in a chat room, haven't figured how to send a text message on my cell phone. My eleven year old grand-daughter looked at me like I was some kind of creature from another planet when she found out I didn't text message people. Enough said on that.

Here's what I do know, a little bit about art & painting and enough common sense to accept that I will never know it all, in short I'm destined to always be a perpetual student. No matter how much I learn or how good my technical skills get going forward, I'm always going to be left wanting. In the coming weeks I'm going to be adding more descriptive narrative to my posted works, making observations and comments on things of artistic interest. Sharing them with my readers, However, I'm aware no matter how good I get at making this blog do what I hoped it would do, if I don't have traffic coming in, It will be like pissing in the wind... but I'm going to do it anyway! Even if I never sell any of my work, I'll still be painting & writing... Why? Because I am an Artist!

That's it for now...time for sleep and hopefully dream of a better tomorrow!

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