Saturday, February 22, 2014

T.Y. Park - Hollywood, Florida - (Plein Air) 11 x 14 Canvas Panel - Three Palms

This Plein Air Study of Three Palms at T.Y. Park in Hollywood, Florida included myself & two other artist buddies who painted until the sun went down and we all had a great time. About a two hour painting session & it was perfect painting weather. Interesting to see how all three of us tackled the focal point of the three palms. No doubt Mickey Ray's came out best but we were all winners for having done it. Here's what I came up with on an 11 x 14 Canvas Panel that I framed using one by two's self cut pre-treated pine. 1.5 Inch sides painted black & claw hanger hardware installed on back. Here again, a disguised Trinity theme disguise as 3 Palms in a landscape. Almost always a spiritual symbolic element in the landscapes I do. It is not an in your face assault on your senses but a rather subtle and admittedly disguised rendition of Creation. A Tribute to the Intelligent designer creator who I believe to be "GOD". Notice the spherical round shapes in the middle and foreground area, representing the earth and having also captured the lake on the right side representing the redemptive value of water, and the skyline with clouds representing the Heavens. Now the road in the middle purposely leaves it to the viewers imagination whether it is path leading up the hill of life or down the road to unknown places. The variety of colors in the Palm Branches themselves for me represents the variety and multi-faceted people that occupy the earth...some stand out, others lay back but each in their own way are part of the whole "Tree of Life". Painting is currently on exhibit at the Rebels Center Gallery in Hollywood, Florida. Price $275.00 Free local pick-up. International orders please email for shipping price for your location. This painting is professionally package and insured to avoid transit damage. Expedited Shipping one business day (US) $27.50.

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