Sunday, July 16, 2017

Old Barn - Acrylic on Canvas - 16 X20 - ARTSERVE 2017 ANNUAL RED EYE EXHIBITION

Artist Note: Currently on Exhibit at "ARTSERVE'S 2017 ANNUAL RED EYE SHOW in Downtown FT. LAUDERDALE. See attached brochure for details. If you're in town, come for a night of Art, Music, Food, and Great Entertainment. Stop by my booth and say Hello! Check out all the amazing wonderful artwork offered this year! ARTIST NOTE- THIS WAS MY FIRST BARN PAINTING - PART OF A SERIES OF BARN PAINTINGS - ALL THE OTHERS SOLD - I BELIEVE THEY WERE 8 TOTAL - I KEPT THIS ONE AS PART OF MY PERSONAL COLLECTION.
Artist Note: Grazers, Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12 - RED EYE EXHIBIT- (PRICE: $175.00- Another imagined landscape, a place I could go in order to stop chasing my own tail. Be still and know that I am GOD the scriptures teach. In a place like this, I believe I could learn to be still, Enjoy and thanks for looking.
Artist Note: Monte's House, Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 20 FRAMED - (NFS) Part of this Artist Private Collection.) - THE OTHER TWO PAINTING WILL BE ON DISPLAY AND AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT ARTSERVES - REDEYE EXHIBIT. This painting is an imagined Abstract Landscape. A place that only exists in my mind. This is my dream home, my refuge from a world full of too much noise and confusion. It is a place like this where I believe I could find the peace, harmony, and joy, I've always hoped to capture. This is Monte's House, my dream home.


Fineaccents said...


Forgot to tell you that this barn piece is really special! It has such pure simplicity in color and for yet packs a strong punch that draws you into the painting, feeling as though you are right smack dab in the middle of the field facing the barn with the breeze blowing slightly through your hair to keep you cool!

Robert Anthony Montesino (Monte) said...

Thank you for taking the time to comment! Very much appreciated. Please follow my blog and subscribe to my newsletter.