Thursday, August 16, 2018

Monte's Hill

Acrylic on Masonite Board, 16 x 20, with a self-constructed wood frame. There are many mountains we must climb on the road of adversity in this life, this painting for me represented one of those Hills I was trying to work through at the time. I was being treated for Depression. Artist Note: I finally reached the top of the Hill and by the Grace of God conquered what I thought to be impossible.  The painting is titled Monte's Hill. This is a nocturnal painting, an imagined landscape rendered in a a Contempoary Abstract Impressionistic style. I photographed it from several angles and tried to include a close-up. It is a palette knife painting with heavy impasto like texture throughout. The Hill for me is a symbolic representation of the mountain I've had to climb in my own personal recovery. Art, Writing, and Music are three of the therapeutic tools I use to help keep me balanced. Monte's Hill is available for sale. PRICE: $175.00 includes free expedited USPS Shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Note: Free local pick up and delivery available. This painting ships worldwide, international buyers please contact this artist for a price quote for shipping cost to your country location. Thanks for looking!

Artist Note: There are two versions of this painting. One with and one without the figure (me) reaching the top of the Hill.  The painting without the figure is available through Saatchi as a Framed Fine Art Print and is priced accordingly. The original painting on Canvas in the three images below ships unframed and the price reduced from the original retail gallery price of &350.00, Shipping is free and included in the $175.00 price an additional savings (value of $25.00.)  Please contact and advise which of the two paintings you prefer.  All proceeds from this sale will be donated to a worthy charitable cause I support.  Again thank you for looking and for your continued patronage. Please sign up for my newsletter and follow my art blog so you can be automatically notified of new listings.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Storm's Coming! - Acrylic on Canvas 24 x 30

Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 30, A really cool abstract surreal landscape that will look awesome above your nightstand or above your bed as a centerpiece. This painting will also complement your office space if your looking for a one of a kind original painting that will capture a viewers imagination with a sense of mystery and amazement at it's beautiful simplicity. Price: $350.00 Free Shipping. Artist Note: The room with a view image is in scale and is for a Limited Edition 16 x 20 Fine Art Print with 2" wide Black Frame as pictured above and priced at $267.48 should you prefer that format. Contact this artist seller for more info. Thanks for looking! This painting ships worldwide. International buyers, please contact this artist for shipping price quote for your country location.

Monday, June 4, 2018

Artserve 2018 - Reflect Exhibition - Healing through Art - Opening Night

Here are some Photos from the Opening Night, A great turnout and with Food, Music & Awesome Artwork from almost 300 exhibiting Artist.  Artserve's Administrative Curator Colette Mellow did an amazing job curating the works for this show. I had hoped to shoot some video but my cell phone battery died so I was only able to get a few photos with some friends and many community supporters and collectors who were gracious enough to take some photos with me standing next to my Florida Pole Barn Painting, Acrylic on Canvas 16 x 20. One of a series of 10 Barn paintings and only two of the ten remained. The one selected for this show and one other. The other 8 paintings sold. Florida Pole Barn Painting did not sell that evening, But the other painting "Old Barn" sold a few days later at a different venue. So now that leaves only one of the series left. Enough said on that/

Monte standing next to "Florida Pole Barn " painting at the start of the show. Hoping to find some familiar faces and friends before the end of the night and was not disappointed. Everyone I hope would come came, and it turned out to be a wonderful evening of fun and laughter, good food and friends and collectors I knew from other shows and exhibits. I went home that night feeling very good. Happy that I got selected to participate in this show.

Monte with Dr. Tammy Tucker from Memorial Hospital, a long time supporter of my work and I was so happy to see she could make it.  She and her husband Tim Curtin have been active and supportive of all Rebel's Center Artist. And I am most grateful.

Monte with Silvia Quintana,  Executive Director of BBHC of Broward County, Her husband Juan Martin who is the Executive Director of Naemi was gracious enough to invite me to participate in two annual International exhibitions in 2015 and 2016, in Miami and also in Downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I remain pleased to consider both of them friends. They serve our community well supporting many good causes. To me, they are the salt of the earth.

Here I am with Susan Nayamora Director of the South Florida Wellness Network, a  non-profit Corporation that is active in so many positive programs in our community that truly serves the many needs of this community with all her hard work, dedication and proactive can-do positivity.  I had the pleasure to work with Susan when I served on the Board of Directors and had the privilege to see her in action along with the other Board members I worked with. It was a real learning experience and I have many fond memories of those times we shared.

Here I am with my friend, fellow artist, and show participant Desiree Kim, both of us taking pictures next our paintings. Desiree is a multi-gifted artist who also plays a North American Indian Flute. Her playing calms the soul and surrounds everyone in the many classes she teaches a sense of peace and feeling of well being. Check out her offerings, you will be glad you did. 

Here I am with my longtime friend Brad Haber, a singer-songwriter who is also the founder of the Haber Foundation for Peace - A non- profit that is attempting to make a difference to address gun violence in our schools. We recently collaborated together to promote "We Are Calling for Peace," an Anthem Song Brad wrote. Search for it on YouTube or you can directly access the video from the website: The Haber Foundation for Peace.  Brad has a lot of ideas I believe can make a difference in addressing the insanity of gun violence in our schools. I recommend Brad Haber's work without reservation. With the grassroots support of communities around the country along with the corporate sponsorship for his non-profit needs, I believe his vision can make this dream come true. So much so that I am a corporate sponsor of the Foundation. I will work with him to encourage others to join us in taking the pledge for Peace. Take a look at what the Haber Foundation for Peace is offering. A solution born from a seed of hope...can make a difference if only we take the first step in believing together we can do it. Join us in Calling for Peace,

Alphonso Ruiz my longtime friend and supporter who attends almost every show I am involved with. Always there with a smile and encouraging word. A collector and supporter of my art, a better friend you will not find. He is also employed in an Administrative capacity with BBHC (Broward Behavioral Health Coalition), and is a real asset to this organization. Thank you for being who you are Alphonso, you are loved and appreciated by many. 

Here with my friend Claudia Vicencio Clinical Supervisor with Memorial Hospital and a Ph.D. candidate who is such a down to earth upbeat personality, she will make you smile every time you see her. What I've always loved about her, is she never forgot her roots and where she came from. She is the mother of a beautiful teenage daughter and also a son.  Whenever I was painting in the activity room Claudia would always come in and check out what I was doing and encouraging everyone present with their projects. She has a heart for Art and even bigger heart for people: especially those who are lost and looking for the light at the end of a tunnel. Claudia for many is that light. Thanks for coming Claudia and for just being you,

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Artserve 2018 - Video #2 "Reflect: Exhibit" Set-Up before Opening Night

I had one painting selected by Artserve's Administrator Curator Colette Mello for this exhibit - Titled -Florida Pole Barn - Acrylic on Canvas - 16 x 20. Included are a couple of pics of me standing next to my barn painting. Also with Colette who did an amazing job curating almost 300 works of Art for this "Reflect Exhibit. My piece was one of a series of 10 barn paintings. I have only two left, this one currently on exhibit until the 25th and one other on exhibit at a different venue. Several other Rebels Center Artist also were also selected for this Exhibit. The opening night is scheduled for tomorrow and it appears like we will be having an excellent turnout. As always they will have food and an open bar, music and many community supporters and collectors present.  Come out and join us for a chance to meet many of the exhibiting artist displaying awesome works of Art.

Monte with Artserve's Administrative Curator Colette Mellow

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Three Palms - Acrylic on Canvas Panel - Framed 8 x 10 (Artist Note: THREE PALMS - 8 X 10 - FINE ART PRINT -$64.00 WITH BLACK FRAME AS IN ROOM VIEW $144.00.JPG)


Inspired by Florida Landscapes, beaches, palm trees, blue skies, and sunshine. Feel good paintings that are pleasing to the eye, calming to the soul and letting nature into any room in my home or office. These are the kind of scenes I like to paint. Most of my landscapes are not too busy. Very few figures or structures are intentionally left out. Acrylic paints allow me to work with a palette knife building texture on top of this quick-drying water-based medium. This painting was influenced by many of the open-air painters of Florida landscapes, such as the Highwaymen and others who came after, trying to capture the beauty and essence of Florida beaches and many inland waterways, like the Everglades. The center and northern parts of the State also have beautiful natural settings unique to their areas.Sometimes I combined palette knife and loose brushwork alla prima style to achieve the texture of a given piece. I hope viewers will enjoy the same sense of tranquility and peace the simplicity of my artwork captures. Artist Note: The 8x10 and 5x7 Canvas Panels I work are meant to be displayed in a Frame. These paintings will ship un-framed. The frame used in this listing is for display purposes only. Just an old frame I used from a corner of my studio. I wanted to give potential buyers an idea of what this piece would like in a proper size frame. I think they would look best in a gold leaf wood frame or dark wood frame. Thanks for looking.

Florida Sunset- 14 x 18 - Canvas Panel - Plein Air.-Miami- Key Biscayne

Acrylic on Canvas Panel, 14 x 18 with 1.5 inch painted sides. This painting is professionally Framed with Hardwood Pine. Florida Sunset Signed and dated on Front and back by this artist. Certificate of Authenticity included. Ready for your wall right out of the box. Hanging Hardware attached. Thanks for looking. Retail Gallery Price: $275.00 (Artist Note: Price reduced Holiday sale Promo $175.00 ) plus expedited Shipping within one business day. Shipping anywhere in the continental United States $27.50. Artist Note: Limited Edition Fine Art Prints also available in various sizes on Fine Art Photo paper or Canvas. International buyers, please contact me for a price quote for your country location.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Island Girl - (Abstract Impressionist Portrait) - Currently on Exhibit - Broward Behavioral Health Coalition Excutive Offices

Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 30, Island Girl was another milestone painting for me in that while I loved it and considered it one of my favorite early paintings, no one else seemed to like it. So it stayed in the corner of the room collecting dust for the longest time and one day I decided to hang it. And every time I walked by it, I'd eyeball it and knew there was something wrong but couldn't quite figure out what. Then one night it became clear as if a veil had lifted. I realized it wasn't proportionally possible for her legs to be as long as they were in relation to her body. So I cut off her legs, re-positioned her arms, constructed a wall like structure separating her from the tree like plant, added more stars to a very starry night. And was finally comfortable with this abstract, even knowing that she wasn't very pretty and also still cartoon-like. I secretly adored her... one problem, no one else thought very highly of it. I suppose some paintings are just never meant to be given up! Artist Note: The Original Painting remained part of this artist personal collection. I am now giving this abstract impressionist portrait wings to fly wherever it will. Additionally, I am offering Limited Edition ACEO prints available for $7.50 plus $3.88 Expedited Shipping USPS. Please contact this artist for more info on the Original Painting, Price: $500.00 plus $75.00 Shipping. Free Local shipping, pick up delivety and set up. Contact me for more info.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Only in my Dreams - Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 24 - 1.5 inch painted sides

Artist Note:

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Sunday, April 8, 2018

Brushworks by Monte: Asylum Tales - Seven Short Stories by Robert Anthony Montesino

Brushworks by Monte: Asylum Tales - Seven Short Stories by Robert Anthony Montesino

Just click on the orange highlighted title for a direct link to Amazon for more info regarding purchasing options. Read an excerpt from the book. Seven Short Stories, this collection is an eclectic mix of headbanging bizarre tales of Supernatural, Psychological and Spiritual Horror. Exploring the deepest realms of the human psyche where reality and illusion merge into unexpected and surprising territory... So buckle up and hold on to your brain, you're in for one hell of a ride! This title also available in Digital Format (Kindle Edition) and also in Print Version through Thanks for looking.