Friday, March 27, 2015

Abstract Nude with Cherry Blossom Tatoo) - Acrylic on Canvas- 18 x 24 - (Sold)

Acrylic on Canvas, 18 x 24, (Private Collection). Collaboration (Note: Cherry Blossom tatoo added by artist Mickey Ray.
Here is my latest update on this project...a few changes, folds in the fabric, still needs more work,change colors as I felt the blue made the sheet look too busy and designer like instead of a plain white sheet with folds, more work on the value of the skins tones, repainted background much too flat with the black I used before, so I mixed raw umber and ultramarine blue and I believe it now looks much cleaner, more depth, also worked on the figures legs, decided to leave her left arm out of view suggesting it is behind her supporting her weight and also enlarged the head more balance. I keep reminding myself this is an abstract nude and does not have to be anatomically perfect. I will update again as this piece progresses to a hopefully wonderful conclusion. Maybe the next post will be the last and we will called it done ...if paintings like stories are ever really done? Hope you are enjoying the process...sometimes I think I'm just talking to myself here in a cyber space with illusion and reality merging with fantasy.
ARTIST NOTE: This painting has sold. However, ACEO Limited Edition Fine Art Prints available for $7.50 plus $1.88 shipping.

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